Kitten (persephone13) wrote in xgwinnettx,

Anyone Want To Rent A Room In A Mansion for $400/mo?

Yep, you heard me. I'm moving again, and i'm renting rooms. There's 2 bedrooms left in our huge 4,000sq. ft. Lawrenceville mansion. This home is BRAND NEW, 2 stories + full basement on an end cul-de-sac 1 acre lot.

The master bedroom is mine, and is almost 1,000sq.ft. by itself. Yeah, seriously. You wouldn't believe me unless you saw this fucking bedroom. There's a 'teen suite' with a private bath next to mine that Iain gets (Dionysis on my friends list). Across from these down lil hallway is two fairly good sized bedrooms with high ceilings that share a bathroom.

Downstairs immediately when you walk through the front door is another bedroom to your right with it's own bathroom, however this is the only bathroom on the first floor.

Cheyenne and Will will be taking one of the bedrooms, but haven't decided which one. Whoever tosses me $400 first can pick which bedroom they want.

We'll be moving in in a week. Who's game?

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